Thursday, August 30, 2012

I am having a little work done to the outside of my house and the job foreman started cussing up a storm as I got out of my car to go in the house. At first I didnt realize what his problem was and then I saw that everyone one of his crew had stopped to stare down at my tits. I just laughed and went on into the house. Its not like its my fault that they had good taste. I decided I was gonna have some fun at his expense. I went and put on my string bikini and went and laid out by the pool. I took my time rubbing my tanning lotion on and teased their cocks with every move I made. The job foreman finally had had enough and came down to talk to me about my "distracting attributes". Call me on Nite Flirt to find out what he had to say and what I did in response to his complaint!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pissed the judge off~

Opps. Okay so it wasnt my best idea to tell the judge to kiss my ass, but it was her fault. I mean seriously she fined me 1000 bucks because I flashed my tits at the truck driver. Yeah they had to close the road down. Yeah there were 1000's of chickens everywhere. But hey! The dude liked what he saw. So no harm or foul. Guess I shall have to have extra phone sex this weekend to pay the cunts fine.