Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being my Slave.

Hello Again,
I've decided a blog twice a month sounds pretty good keeping you dirty nasty things on your toes. This afternoon though something was brought to my attention. You dummies don't know how to be my slaves. So just a little reminder ( which shouldn't be hard to forget every time you look at those little dicks of yours) If you want to be my slave: You must be willing to do everything I tell you too, and call me Mistress not ma'm and treat me with the up most respect. No matter what I tell you to do.
For example: If I tell you to put on women's thongs, lick my toes while I slap you around like a bad bad boy then you do it. No sassing. I'm so happy we got this out of the way. I look forward to seeing you little bastards soon. 

Til Next Time,
Darlie Pain.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello Guys ( and Gals *wink*) ,
I just want to say Probation stinks! AA is a drag I may like to fuck but most of the guys there are too drunk to get their tiny dicks up. Anyway. I've been thinking about the tiny time I spent in jail before bond. I've been especially thinking about a certain CO that I had my eye on. You see "Craig" was a tall, blonde,brown eyed man. He was eye raping me the moment they brought me in. Well one day I asked if I could go to the library, turns out Craig was my escort as we walked down he stopped and said he had to frisk me to make use I had no contraband letters. As he was moving his hands up my leg I felt a nice warm pressure on my clit the feeling was amazing............
Of course that didn't happen because all my CO's were overweight women who were bitches. But if you would like to be my CO just give me a call tell me how you would frisk me while I'm in cuffs. 

Till Next Time.