Friday, September 20, 2013

Bow To The Baddest Phone Sex Bitch

     How do you know when a bitch is the baddest? Aside from the ability to humiliate you with her eyes, empty your soul with her mouth, and drain your wallet with her wicked smirk, you know from her record of dirty deeds. Mine is extensive and although I am going to share a story with you tonight, my ability to control you with phone sex is beyond the written word or any of my past indiscretions.
Recent Misbehavin'
     Doing 80mph in an a 35mph zone is never a great idea but when you always get your way, as I do, throw caution and bullshit to the wind. I see those oh so familiar lights in my rear view and think about gunnin' it, but fuck it, I was in the mood for fun. The pansy-ass pig is sitting behind me for what seems like a fucking eternity until another trooper pulls up behind him. Guess they ran my plates and at this point realize who I am...the baddest fuckin' phone sex bitch in town!

      They approach my car, one on each side, guns drawn--which isn't very intimidating when they have those pussy-jokester hats dancing on their head. Before they can even get to my window, I slip my switch blade under the seat and undo the tie on the front of my shirt. My big round tits are resting on the steering wheel as I notice them lower their weapons and the whole situation begins to change...

        These fuckface law boys take me for the wrong type of bitch and begin tossing me back and forth between the two of em'. One suggests pounding me in my ass but by the time my eyes, tits, and verbal skills work them over, I had them sucking each other's cocks in preparation of an ass-pounding of their own. I used them both like puppets as they took turns delving deep into their partner's virgin hole. I'm quite sure they'll be calling my phone sex lines soon for more humiliation.

        I let out a wicked laugh when one begged me for more, instead I accepted his pistol and keys to the cruiser as payment for a bad deed turned good... and just to be nice, I left them cuffed on the side of the road with just enough room to suckle one another's cock. Who says I can't be nice............

Call Me and I will whip your sorry ass into shape. Let my phone sex hypnotize you into being my puppet... I am one master who you will never try to escape.

Your One and Only Murderous Mistress,

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Rules

The rules are actually quite simple. There are only three:

1. Obey

2. Obey

3. Obey

When you think about it, it makes your life so very simple. I tell you what to do (and what NOT to do) and you? Well, you obey!

If you do as I command, you will still get punished, but in a fun way. If you do not do what I command, well...let's just say, you will *not* enjoy your punishment. No, not even if you're a masochist. (especially if you are a masochist, actually)

Call me on Niteflirt...and let the games begin!!